101 Things To Do In 1001 Days: Update

19. Buy a new, quality lens.

So I finally saved up enough money to get a lens I’ve had my eye on for quite some time, Vivitar’s 35mm 1.4F. I’ve used it in my past two food blog posts and absolutely LOVE it. I forgot how freeing it is to work with a wide lens and not have to take a dozen steps back every time I want to fit everything into frame.

24. Get new sheets and a duvet cover.

My awesome friend Sarah got me a $50 target gift card for my birthday, so I promptly went out and got me and Jeremy a new set of sheets and a new duvet color. The sheets are grey and the cover is yellow, grey and white, which matches our new yellow bedroom perfectly and helps brighten up the place quite a bit!

65. Use the metro line here in LA (once it is finished).

A couple weeks ago I took the metro for the very first time, and it was AMAZING. Me & jerm took it from Universal city down to Hollywood to see Werner Herzog’s Q&A after the screening of his new death row documentary series. Going to Hollywood is usually an enormous pain in the ass because its always incredibly congested, there’s pedestrians everywhere (mainly tourists), and parking is hella expensive. But with the metro, it only took us FIVE minutes to get there and cost us $3 round trip!!! For LA, that is pretty fucking fantastic.

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101 Things To Do In 1001 Days: Update

Haven’t posted any updates in a while, but boy do I have some good ones. I will start with a little one and lead up to the most exciting one of all!

73. Have a working oven.

I tested out the oven in our new place for it and my goodness was it awesome. The oven at our old apartment would heat up to 600 degrees when the knob was at 350, so we had to buy an oven thermometer and go off of that temperature to use it. To get it to actually be 350 degrees, I’d have to turn it the knob to the empty space just before 250 degrees. But now, I can trust that the oven is in fine and working condition.

23. Get a new cutting board.

My birthday was last month and Jeremy got me a rockin’ cutting board, which you can see used in my roast lamb blog post here. That weekend we went out into the desert for a food & wine festival and ended up staying at this amazing resort/hotel that’s on a lavender and rosemary farm, and that also has farm animals. It was gorgeous, just SO peaceful and relaxing. No televisions in the rooms, just you, the beautiful scenery, and the wonderful silence of the desert. They’re having a lavender festival in June and we’ll definitely be going, there will be so many lavender-laced treats to be had! I’ll posted some fun pictures from the weekend soon.

89. Visit the Shields Date Farm, go date tasting, and have a real authentic date shake.

While we were in the desert, we also stopped at a magical place called the Shield’s Date Farm where dates are grown and harvested from date palm trees and sold their little cafe/gift shop. Me and Jeremy stopped in and had a delicious date milkshake, and then proceeded to walk around the paved paths through the date farm, thinking there would be displays about how date palms are grown and harvested and the difference between the different varieties of dates. Instead there were a bunch of statues of Jesus that showcased special moments in his life and/or the bible. It was pretty, just not what I was expecting. My favorite was the statue of Jesus dancing with a fellow Israelite in the water, I think someone was supposed to be baptizing someone else, but instead it just looks like they’re having a very peaceful and charming dance in a pond. Adorbs!

33. Be more patient.

21. Get a job that pays well, has benefits, and that I like (at least sort of).

I have been covering a desk since the end of December in the hopes of securing a job. The old production coordinator left but might have been coming back and so I waited the month of January and found out that she was staying on the East Coast and wouldn’t be returning. So the position opened up and it looked like I would be getting it, which was exciting. But then the position was put on hold for reasons I’m still not sure of, so I stayed working the Production Coordinator’s job but as a Page. I just felt that if I kept working hard and was patient about it, things would work out in the end. Sometimes I was tempted to ask about what was going on with the position, but I knew everyone was trying to figure things out and that asking about it wouldn’t help things along but just be annoying. So I waited, and worked, and waited, and worked, and then this past week I learned that they’re re-opening the position and hiring me for it. Yes, I am a production coordinator at a big network now, wahoo! And I love my job, my boss, my department, and everything about it. And I even have benefits! I feel really lucky to have gotten this far, and although I’ve had the tendency to be impatient about things in the past, I really feel that maintaining my calm and going with the flow helped me get the position. Now I just need to keep doing a good job and not fuck it all up…

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Patience will achieve more than force.”

-Edmund Burke

Taking Healthcare Away From Millions Of Americans Would Have Negative Consequences, Facts Say.

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101 Things To Do In 1001 Days: Update

One more checked off the long and winding list:

47. Donate to a political campaign.

These past few months have left me fuming over the GOP’s assault on women’s liberties. From mandatory vaginal probing prior to abortions to employers being able to inquire about whether or not a female employee is using birth control for sexual or for medical reasons to the suggestion that we should verify whether women who state they have been raped are “truly” raped (because women running around falsely claiming rape or not understanding what rape actually is is such a pandemic “Oh! A man touched my hand while giving me change at the grocery store! Rape! Rape!” <-THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME), I feel as though I, personally, have been brain-raped by having to read about all this bullshit. I cannot honestly recall a moment when I have been more fed up or disgusted by politicians, and this includes the moment I found out that John Edwards impregnated another woman while his wife was dying of cancer and then used hundreds of thousands of donated campaign funds to try and cover it up. It is THAT bad.

I’ve never donated to a political campaign before, and was waiting until Barbara Boxer was up for reelection to donate to her campaign, but these recent events made me feel like I needed to donate to something even bigger, and that I needed to do something right now, so I donated to Obama’s reelection campaign. I mean, I’ll still give money to Barbara when her term is ending, but as of this moment, my money’s going to the President. I only gave $10, because it is what I could comfortably spare, but I still feel good about it. Maybe that could buy a campaign office some clipboards, or pens, or paper. Or even some bottled water that Obama might drink out of at a campaign stump speech. Mmmmm dreamy! I just feel like with the new healthcare bill and the way the economy is turning around, and the way he’s not trying to get all up in my vagina’s bidniss, it is the least that I, or any of us, can do. I will admit, I am disappointed that more hasn’t been done regarding immigration reform, but at the same time there’s only so much one human being can accomplish in one term, especially with the do-nothing Congress we have in place, which is another reason why I feel he needs a second term. I hope that my little donation helps, and that come November I don’t have to explain away my whorish birth control pills to my superiors at NBCUniversal, or be probed prior to their prescription to prove that I do indeed have a uterus, which makes about as much sense as probing a pregnant woman seeking an abortion in order to prove to her that she’s pregnant.

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